Java principles


  • object language defined by SUN
    • published into 95
    • intended for the origin for the embedded devices (household, settop boxes, cars...)
    • platform independent language
    • adopted by the Web community for secure and cross-platform way for code: applets in the Web pages...
  • principles of Java
    • concept of abstract machine based on an intermediate code called J-code
    • on each platform a program called " Java Virtual Machine " (JVM) interprets and execute the J-code downloaded through the network
  • advantages of Java
    • cross-platform: soon even on smart card!
    • made safe: an inspector of J-code makes sure that the Java programs respect the limitations of security (not virus known to date in Java)
    • supported per many navigators, even if the last versions of Java are not always integrated...

Applets Java


Java Applications